Friday, February 15, 2013

Medical Savings for the Whole Family!

Today with the ObamaCare coming into effect there are a allot of people are going to have to struggle with finding an insurance that fits them and they can afford without the high deductibles. I hate to be the bare of bad news but I do not have medical insurance either. I was looking on the internet to get an individual plan because during our tax filing I found out that the pentalty will be $289.00 next year if I do not have insurance due to ObamaCare. Well the lowest one was $150.00 per month with a $10,000 deductible. I thank God for Ameriplan, because I do not have to worry about a deductible and can save money right away up to 80%. This will even save you on other things like shopping too.

I love that I will not have to worry if I have to go to the doctor and have a deductible of $10,000 that it will be covered and my payment could be $2000.00 instead.Insurance is a good thing but the ObamaCare does not include Dental and Vision, so we have you covered for that as well.

Save up to 80% off Dental Procedures Immediately. Includes Free Vision, RX, and Chiropractic. Only $19.95 a month for the entire household, related or not and $14.95/month for an Individual. With over 400,000 Providers, this is the #1 Dental Plan in America. Covers Cosmetic, Orthodontics, and Specialists too.
*No Waiting
*No Deductible
*No Age Limit
*Instant Savings
*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Save up to 80% on Your Families Medical Needs for ONLY $49.95 per month!!


Hospital Plan
24/7 Nurseline
Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Dentistry
Orthodontic (braces) Care for (Childrens and Adults)

There are:

*No Waiting Periods
*No Paperwork/Contracts
*No Limitations
*All Ongoing Conditions Accepted


We are looking for a few good people, if you would like an interview please click the link below and see what we are all about.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life and Health Insurance: Positions Open or HealthCare Savings

Love that I can save people up to 80% on Healthcare and more if they have not met their deductibles. Life and Health Insurance: Positions Open or HealthCare Savings: Dear Friends, This Valentine Day we are giving you and opportunity to work with a 20 year old company and receiving the following FREE for...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fraud Is Everywhere!

     There are company's you can trust and company's that make you say hummm! I found one that will make you go hummm, I want to hit you. Colon Flow, they are taking advantage of people that call in to just get a trial offer and are training there customer service people (to not take no for an answer).
     I called there and spent over 1 hour on the phone and was informed that I was being recorded, I said "fine then I know I will be heard" the person then did his spill of getting my information with throwing a little advertising in there too.  They can offer you coupons on food and so on for a trial period along with gas dollars too. All you have to do is call at the end of 30 days to cancel the trial offer. I said "NO" Several times I even stated " I am being recorded so I know that you will here me tell you I do not want anything and better not be charged." That is a laugh because they do not listen. After being told I just have to do this or I can lose my job I listened but continued to say "I better not get charged."

 Long story short I got charged called complained and they assured me I was cancelled and then charged again a month later. I also called 2 weeks into my trial offer of the Colon Flow and was told that I still had time to try it, I did not want to continue I wanted to cancel. Then when I called 1day before the trial was up to make sure that my trial offer was canceled and I would not be charged. I was told they could not find me by my name or the number, so when I called 2 weeks prior I was cancelled and would not be charged. WRONG, I got charged called Colon Flow and asked for a refund because I called to cancel at the beginning of September the guy told me he saw that I called but did not see the last conversation with the girl the day before the trial period offer.  DUAH! I was told I was not in their  system, so you will not have documentation that I called. I asked for the refund and was again proceeded to be told " I will give you $600 of grocery coupons with a trial offer and all you need to do is call the number before the trial offer and cancel the offer so your card will not be charged." Again I said No, Then I proceeded to ask for the manager and the guy would not give me the manager and stated that I was dealing with him only.

 I told him I would be contacting my bank to stop payment and then the FBI to have them checked into. I am now blogging because it is people like this that take advantage of people and have no remorse. I would like to get the word out about people like this and anyone else that takes advantage of people that do not have money to just give away to useless things like this.

My husband is disabled and cannot work, I work full time to support my family and need every penny because I do not have money to throw away and barely can make all my bills. I am late on a monthly bases just to cover the bills. I am a full time student trying to better my life so I can get a better job to support my family.

We were in a Identity Theft back in 2008 and still have not closed the FBI case I am tired of getting taken advantage of just because I am trying to better my life and support my family.

Thank you for listening to me babble and if you have been scammed or been a case of Identity Theft, please feel free to voice your opinion here for support.

Thank you again,


Monday, October 24, 2011

Scleroderma and The Journey Begins!

My mother passed away with an unknown disease call “Scleroderma” this disease has no cure. I know that my goal is to help people recognize the symptoms and try to help find a cure. This does not only strike elderly people, this disease strikes kids too.
The start of this disease is from an autoimmune disorder and will turn into the Scleroderma.
My mother’s story as I remember.  I was just a little girl when my mother Linda Davidson would complain of her hand and feet hurting with pain from that of being cold. This was because there was no circulation of blood flow within her hands or feet. My mother had “Reynolds Disease” this is the reason for her hands and feet becoming painful, white and black. My mother would have our house so hot in the winter time that we were the only house on the block with our front door open during the winter time.
As time passed she would complain that she was tired but she kept on going. My mother was not a complainer. You actually never knew when she was sick. My mother was not a selfish person for she adopted my sister and me.  My mother did not get sick until the last 5 years of her life.
 July 1997
My mother was attacked by the Scleroderma in her liver. She went to the doctor because she looked 10 months pregnant, but she could not have kids. I went with her, I did not like the looks of her stomach. When we went to the doctor he told her it was just water retention and she needed to take 20 water pills in the am and 20 in the pm. I was not ok with that and told her to go elsewhere. She asked her doctor for a referral and got the ok.
October 1997
My mother went to Virginia Mason in Seattle WA, this is where they told her the news that the Scleroderma had taken over her liver and that she would have 1-2 years to live. I will never forget that day because I did not want to believe I was losing my mother. I wanted to fight this thing and do what I could to help. I needed to find answers.
November 1997
The days started getting bad for my mother. She had to go back and forth to Seattle for tests. They put her on a waiting list for a liver transplant. That was the start of the longest days as I can remember. My sister and I would take the kids to moms to visit because we wanted them to have all the time they could. She had 1-2 years to live and we wanted them to have those memories with her.
The day before Thanksgiving was busy but when I went to my mothers to remind her of what to take to my sisters. That is when it all started. I found my mother out of it moaning and unresponsive. I was told by my grandmother that she had been like this for hour. I then called my dad up from his room downstairs.  This was a scary sight I do not wish anyone to go through!
That night we had to take here into the hospital by calling 911 and that is when she was admitted for the first of many times. We found out that her ammonia level in her body was too high. They had to give her several different things and try to keep it down.
This Thanksgiving was just the first holiday of many that we would be without her. This was heart breaking as it did not seem like a holiday without her. I remember everyone sitting around and talking but My Grandmother and myself trying to keep it together, not to cry. I wanted to be strong. This was a very hard time for me because I was divorcing and had 2 young kids. I had a lot going on and I needed my mother.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am selling the Crochet Items

I am selling the crochet Items as follows:

Belts - $5.00
Hats - $10.00
Swim suits - $ 30 and up
Blankets - $ 25.00 and up
Christmas stuff is from 5.00 to 25.00

Hat and belt

Here is some hats and belts